Monday, June 27, 2011

Gardening mistakes No. 2 - not enough garlic

I was in the vegie patch yesterday, doing a spot of weeding when my eye drifted across the garlic planting.
It seemed a bit sparse. I started counting. Sixty plants. Not enough! eek!
I do love my home grown garlic. Even six months after harvesting, our garlic beats most garlic you can buy hands down.
Quick maths - I average about 2 heads of garlic a week - I'm w-a-a-y-y short of garlic self-sufficiency.
I quickly hightailed down to the pantry and brought back with me three heads of garlic, and planted them there and then.
No preparation, nothing. In they went, pointy end up. I'm probably way too late, so there is not a moment to spare!
We'll seee how this late garlic fares. My books say warm temperate planting season for garlic is April to June, but it's been a particularly cold June here so I do not have high hopes.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hope you get a decent crop!

achan said...

wow 60!! I thought that was a lot, but using 2 knobs a week you'll definetely need more!

We planted garlic for the first time last year, for somereason we thought it was hard. It couldn't have been further from the truth. We only got 12 large knobs because that is all we planted, we'll plant lots more this year, and your're right it is much better than the stuff in the shops. (though Japanese garlic is good too, $3 each!)

farcki said...

We grow garlic in Gembrook Victoria and I am sure you can plant Garlic up till week 39 but it is better to plant in the Autumn growing your own,fantastic