Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do you KIP?*

Do you KIP - knit in public?
I was thinking about this recently. You don't seem to see as many kippers as you used to.
When I was a kid, you always saw women with their knitting out. I remember mums knitting as they waited to pick up kids at school. Kippers would be on the sidelines when I played netball. If you got on a train, the carriage would have at least one kipper. Every winter we had knitting crazes at school, as we all worked on our wonky knitted scarves at school lunchtimes.
Now - not so much it seems.
I have two kids that swim - that means lots of waiting around for training sessions, and lots of long waits at carnivals.
Recently I took my son to the NSW All Schools Carnival at Homebush and I took my knitting. He had one event at about 9.30am and one event a 1.30pm. A long time to wait sitting around - perfect opportunity to knit. ( I go quite a bit done too - uninterrupted time, bliss!) There would have been hundreds of people at that carnival doing what I was doing - waiting. Some were playing with their phones/iPods/iPads, the modern form of distraction/entertainment. A few were reading. From what I could see, though, I was the only kipper.
Recently, World Wide Knit in Public Day was celebrated. Do you KIP? Are we about to see the resurrection of kipping?


Tracy said...

Most definitely. Not just knitting though, crochet or embroidery too.
I've found that people like to watch too. I even had a couple of older ladies strike up a conversation with me becasue I was crocheting a jug cover once.

Paola said...

Yes, I also crochet and do my boring hand-sewing too - buttons, hems and sewing in threads.

africanaussie said...

Mmmm just trying to think about times that I am sitting around waiting and no - there is none! I think you get that time when you have kids - enjoy it! If I am waiting for something I tend to pull out a book and read.