Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I'm knitting now

After last year's success with my first ever attempt at knitting a jumper, I was keen to get cracking on another knitted item this year.
This is the back of a waistcoat I am knitting in Sirdar Indie (Arizona) colour. I love the colours this yarn comes in. Its a very thick yarn as well, so it knits up quickly, although I still make a meal of it. I'm half way through the left front, so I have high hopes I'll be wearing this waistcoat this winter.

On other matters...
Ever volunteer for something on the spur of the moment and come to regret it? I have.
In February this year I went to register my daughter for netball.
I was ambushed.
"We need an umpires convenor. Would you like to do it?" she said innocently.
I should have said "Absolutely not" straight away. Instead, my civic mindedness caused me to say,
"What's an umpires convenor?"
She then went to explain that it was the person who organised the umpires every Saturday. "It's just a few phone calls, it's really easy!"
My scepticism should have kicked in at this point but it failed me. I should have said, "So why hasn't someone volunteered yet?"
Instead , I heard myself say, "OK I'll give it a try!"
D'oh and double d'oh.
Far from easy, it's extremely frustrating as there are fewer umpires than there are games and necessitates more time on the phone every week than it takes to umpire the games themselves.
Note to self:
DO NOT volunteer for any job without a thorough understanding of what that job entails. If a job is left vacant after the AGM, it's normally for a reason!


Tracy said...

I volunteered at the local visitors information centre a few years ago. The days were spent twiddling my thumbs most of the time. It also turned out that there was a lot of focus on selling junky souvenirs. I quit.

Good luck for the netball season.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

The knitting looks good. I've just picked up my needles again after several years, but I'm only doing a bath mitt!! I just don't seem to have the time/inclination to do much more at the moment!
Good luck with the phone calls!

emilysincerely said...

Your knitting looks great. I like the color. I need a bit of translation...This is what I know "jumper" = US sweater "windcheater" = US sweatshirt
"boot"= US trunk
"bonnet" = US hood (of car)
I could go on and one....

"waistcoat"? = does that mean a vest (maybe)?

I am just taken up knitting. Pop over when you have a chance and see the dolls bath robe that I finished.

oooo. The volunteer job. Yikes. Is it over yet, so are you still struggling? Hope it starts to go more smoothly! Emily