Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grapes - a sad story

Long time readers of this blog will know that we have a small vineyard, in which we have about 100 shiraz and about 20 chambourcin vines. We use our grapes to make our own wine. Well, that's the theory.
2010 was a blowout because we had extremely heavy rains in February, which caused the grapes to split, and thus ruined the crop. No winegrapes to make wine then, but Action Man was not deterred. He ended up buying boxes of shiraz, mouvedre and grenache and used them to make 2010's wine. Not bottled yet, but tasting very nice so far!
2011 unfortunately has also ended up being a washout as far as grapes are concerned. This time, the heavy rains in December meant that our grapes succumbed to mildew, because the constant rain meant that we could spray effectively. Action Man didn't even bother netting the shiraz this year.
The chambourcin, though, is more naturally mildew and fungus resistant so he netted those(we should have planted more of this variety), and it is these grapes that you see above. Don't they look gorgeous? And let me tell you, they taste gorgeous too.
We don't have enough grapes though to warrant a wine making session. Never mind, given our barrel is still full of last year's wine, and that we are busy as all get out, and that we are both getting over a weird virusy cold, we aren't too despondent.
Sometimes, you just have to rest on your laurels.


achan said...

Well atleast it's not a total washout, you can still enjoy some beautiful grapes.

You could always turn some into jelly (ie jam with no skins)if there is too much to eat at once. Can they be dried?

emilysincerely said...

Beautiful grapes. So rest on your laurels and chew on some grapes. Maybe they will wipe out your weird virusy cold thingy! Emily