Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dog days

After lobbying consistently for at least a year, our daughter Amelia finally achieved her heart's desire when we acquired our new family member, Dash the daschund, in time for her birthday yesterday.
Pardon if the blogging has been a bit sporadic lately. Settling into a routine with our new pup has taken me straight back to the days when our children were babies. Same issues: sleep, feeding, toilet, discipline. After a few nights broken sleep, we've all been a bit tired, but Dash is settling down nicely.
The arrival of the dog has highlighted a difference in dog philosophy between me and Action Man. You see, he had a daschund too as a kid, who basically went wherever he wanted inside and out. On the other hand, I grew up with dogs too, who were strictly outside dogs. So part of the adjustment has been deciding on the rules for Dash that we can both live with. So far, he can come inside when we are here, but not on furniture. At night to sleep, though, he is outside. Early days yet, but I want to set the ground rules early.
The arrival of the dog has also given us a ticket to the dog owners club, it seems. We've been taking Dash for twice daily short walks. A neighbour up the street who owns three border collies, and has barely acknowledged our presence in eight years stopped to talk at length to Action Man today, purely because he had Dash with him. Who knew?
Our newly friendly neighbour told us that new residents set to move into their new house across the road shortly used to breed Daschunds. Can't wait to meet them, to talk daschund talk.

So, dog people, especially those who've had puppies. What's the advice? This is the first dog I've ever been responsible for and I'm sure you have some.


belinda said...

Beautiful couple, I have to say.

Just one thing to think about is daschunds are not exactly large dogs, even more so as puppies. I would be extremely concerned about foxes taking your wonderful little boy.. and if you have any birds of prey endemic to your area I personally wouldn't have him outside unsupervised even as an adult.

Best wishes and highest hopes.

emilysincerely said...

no dog advise from me. Your daughter and Dash are beautiful. Enjoy them both. Emily

Tracy said...

No advice. He is certainly cute and it looks like your daughter loves him already. I've always had small dogs and it has always worked out that they are predominantly inside dogs even though I myself am more of a cat lover. I worry a bit about snakes etc.