Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogging synchronicity

Well, like Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm I've been out for the count over the last few days. Starting with sore throat and ears, and violent sneezing on Friday, by Saturday I was welded to the couch. Sunday I stirred to do the grocery shopping but only because the food situation was getting serious. Yesterday I should have been doing some housework, but instead spent a lot of time wasting time. Today I'm up and about, but still not tip-top. I have seedlings to plant but bending down sends me dizzy, so they'll have to survive in their punnets another few days. There is something about summer colds that is very "wrong". When you have a cold you just want to retreat into a shell. Easy to do in winter, with doonas and pillows. With high humidity and temperatures, cocooning in a doona it impossible and the comfort offered by a sheet is cold comfort indeed.
Last week I wrote that I'd been making tomato relish. Here's the photo that I tried (and tried and tried) to publish last week. In another case of blogging synchronicity, Sonia at Lighter Shade of Green posted about the tomato relish she'd made. Like me, she'd used the recipe in Sally Wise's book A Year in a Bottle (I think). The results are very similar aren't they?
Making relishes and chutneys I find a lot easier and more forgiving than making jams, which require more vigilance and good timing to get the setting point right.

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Out Back said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Paola. I have been lucky not to have any sickness for a long time, hope it continues on that way too.

I made relish recently, there are pictures on my blog. I love the flavour of relish, I used a recipe that my mum uses, it is very basic.

The humidity has been unbearable this year. Thank goodness for Autumn.