Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's hot, hot, hot

Ugh. The weather has been revolting and strange lately. The heat settling down on you like a doona you can't kick off. Hardly a breath of wind. This morning we are having rain, but the heat is still there. I've thrown open all the doors and windows to try and cool the house down, but the heat is still radiating from the walls and the floors.
I've always maintained that we should skip from Christmas straight to mid-March, so we can avoid this stuff.
I've been wanting to do some sewing, but trying to fit something when I'm a ball of sweat - erk. I've been wanting to make some plum jam and preserve some tomatoes but I don't want to switch on an oven or a stove. Our kitchen is the hottest room in the house, thanks to windows in the ceiling. Great in winter, stupidly hot in summer. No, we didn't put them there. That's one thing I'd like to change about this house.
Gardening...mmm, no thanks, although the weeds are running amok. It's enough to pick the last of the white peaches. Note...peaches unaffected by my nemesis, the dreaded fruit fly.
So, overall, a good day.


belinda said...

Boy, do I know what you mean. Regardless of the fact I really don't enjoy the hot dry days much.. the 30Cish humid ones are just something that I truly suffer through.

Even worse for me is that you can generally keep the heat out of the house to give you a bit of respite.. humidity just doesn't work that way.

Kind Regards

Paola said...

I agree humidity is the killer. It's been very Darwin like around here. Hot, humid and not a breath of cool breeze.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

I hear you!
We're suffering with the humidity here too. My kitchen also gets very hot because it is in a small space (in our sleepout attached to the garage our 'temporary' living space).
If I want to do any preserving or baking it has to be done in the morning before the heat of sun hits.
Roll on March!

Libby said...

Hasn't the heat and humidity been crazy. It's the worst, and longest, I can remember in a long time. Being that it started in January I think Feb is going to be a VERY long month. I'm thankful that we have air con in the house - it's been on non-stop all week :-).

emilysincerely said...

We are experiencing a very cold spell here in south Texas. Even had snow this morning (not normal for us at all). As far as the heat and humidity of the summer. I can relate to you all....but in July and Aug!