Monday, January 31, 2011

Back blogging

Well, in my last post I wrote that I would get back to blogging when school resumed...and here I am.
Looking back at the last few posts brings back all the grumpiness I was feeling toward the end of last year. Happy to say that with having a break from everything - the day to day routine mainly, not blogging necessarily- the grumpiness has evaporated. Even better, my back is back up to scratch, which does a lot for my general frame of mind.

So January flew past. A few things I got up to:
  • Went for our annual Christmas camping trip to Jervis Bay with friends.
  • Suffered at the first day of the Fifth Test between Australia and England at the SCG, as a guest of my good friend Therese. Fortunately, there were lots of rain breaks, which meant we had plenty of opportunity to socialise with other friends who were also there. The cricket though...painful.
  • Went to Sydney Aquatic Centre to cheer on our son at the State Age Swimming Championships.
  • Travelled down to Merimbula with Action Man on one of his work trips. I've never been there before. It's a great part of Australia - I will be back.
  • Caught up with work in our sadly neglected garden.
  • Moved our 18 ducks to my parents' place just outside Sydney - 18 ducks was getting TOO much for our facilities here. I think the chooks are happy to get their run back to themselves.
  • Stayed with my parents while Action Man went to Queensland to help his mother move into new accommodation.
  • Worried about family members whose home was inundated in Yeronga, Brisbane. All fine ,except for a brother in law, who developed blood poisoning when he cut himself helping clean up the subsequent mess. He spent a week in hospital).
  • Sewed one skirt, one t-shirt and one top. Cut out a dress. Not as much sewing as I'd hoped.
  • Minimal housework.
  • Lots of exercise - swimming and walking in the early mornings, plus lots of yoga stretches for the back.
  • Cheered on Action Man at the Nowra Triathlon.
  • One weeks' family holiday in the Central part of the North Island in NZ - Rotorua, Taupo and Tongariro. The picture above is from a visit to the Waimangu Thermal area near Rotorua, taken last Monday, a very wet day. On Thursday,the boys did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a tough 20kms walking across a volcanic area. The girls meanwhile had High Tea. Overall, New Zealand is a great place to visit as a family - lots to keep everyone interested.

Today life returns to a new normal with the Son starting High School today. Meanwhile, I have some thinking to do about my work situation this year which has been on my mind for a while.

Still all is well. I'm happy to be back blogging.