Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet victory

Regular readers of this blog will know of my "thing", my long-running battle, with fruit fly, and my goal of eating my own stone fruit. This year I've pruned, sprayed and bagged in a last stand attempt to grow stone fruit and EAT them, instead of relegating them to garbage bags in the sun to kill fruit fly larvae. If after all the effort, we end up with fruit fly again, the next step will be a massive prune with a chainsaw.
Well, as you can see, we have sweet victory. These are only some of our own nectarines, none of which are fruit fly affected. Yay!
The taste is unbelievable. These nectarines are unbelievably sweet and juicy and as different from shop bought nectarines as Mickey Mouse is from Marilyn Monroe. Totally worth the fuss of growing and nurturing.
Having said this though, the real test will be in the new year when the later maturing varieties start to ripen. Then, we'll really know whether we have conquered the dreaded little buggers. Meanwhile, these beauties are a good sign that we might be on the right track..


belinda said...


That really is an achievement of note. I certainly know a lot of people who give up before they manage to taste their fruit up your way.

Kind Regards

gail said...

They look great. The fly hit ours, so better luck next year.

Blessings Gail

Sonia said...

That's great news! Obviously a lot of effort put into it. Stone fruit is a nightmare to tend to but that fruit looks yummy!

Tracy said...

Well done and good luck with the later varieties.

emilysincerely said...

OH MY GOSH! This is WONDERFUL! Congrats! Did you use the exclusion bags you mentioned a few months back also, or mainly just the fly traps and spraying?

Whatever you did, I am SO SO glad it worked. I can just see you standing on the top of a hill banging on your chest with delight!

Sincerely, Emily

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Yum. They look delicious!
We are enjoying the first of this season't peaches off our trees right now.