Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mum, dad and the kids

It's been ridiculously busy around here lately. Normally, my casual teaching work starts to dry up around now which leaves me free to do some good stuff. This year, I am still hard at it. And over it. I'm dying for the holidays.
Not much has been happening in the spades and spoons department. Even if I wasn't working, I wouldn't be doing much outside, it's been SO wet. As for cooking, I'm still doing that. However busy I am, I always cook the evening meal, mainly of the 30 minute wonder variety. And I've kept up the breadmaking. But I'm w--a--yy behind in the Christmas cooking, to be more precise I haven't done any. I'm wondering if this year I should cut myself some slack and forget about the pudding and the cake.
The 15 ducklings of the last post are providing much joy in this headless-chook time. Amazingly, all have survived - so far. This photo was taken early on. Mum is the Indian Runner duck. Dad is the short-squat duck. Yes, the mind boggles how they managed it, right?
Cute as the ducklings are, the prospect of 18 grown ducks in the backyard is one that I don't care to contemplate, especially given I was thinking 3 ducks were quite enough, thank you. Thoughts are turning as to what to do with them. My 10 year old is lobbying to keep them, or at least to give some away to her friends . She assures me that ALL her many friends want to adopt a duck. I doubt ALL their parents agree.
Action Man, and my parents are having thoughts along the lines of Duck a l'orange, Roast Duckling, Duck fat roast potatoes, Red Curry Duckling. Yes, but who will do "the deed" and then the cooking, not to mention eating? I'm too emotionally involved to do either.
It's a bit of a conundrum. Meanwhile Mum, Dad and the kids waddle around and delight us with their antics.


Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
The ducklings are so sweet. Not long until the end of term and you can take a breather.
We are very wet up here too but at least we can be thankful for no flooding.
I hope you can figure out what to do with all of those little ducks, they really do tug at your heart strings.

Libby said...

What a beautiful photo!!! So sweet.
Hope your work life settles soon so you can enjoy a bit of relax in the lead up to Christmas. And yes, I think you should skip some of the Christmas baking. Us Mum always try to do too much :-).


emilysincerely said...

What a lovely family! I can only imagine all the free entertainment they provide.

Looking in the background of your photo - is that a large green framed screen fence you have?

Again, you can send some water my way. we haven't had rain since something like 7 Sept!

Sincerely, Emily

Paola said...

Emily, that fence in the background surrounds our swimming pool. Closer inspection will show one panel broken after being driven into by a mower (not driven by me, thankfully).