Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Greetings and bye for now

I thought I'd introduce you to a local identity, Sheepie. Sheepie takes on many personas and makes occasional appearances in his front yard, occasional because he has been sheepnapped before. During footy finals, he dresses up as a footy player. When the council was working on the road outside his house he dressed up as a road worker/lollipop man. The council blokes even parked their digger in his yard and he was up there operating it. A few weeks ago, when we were deluged with rain, and the whole area was turning into a lake, he was halfway up a tree with a snorkel. His latest guise is as Santa Claus going down a chimney. Although I couldn't get it in the photo, there is a sign nearby saying "Build it and he will come". And that is only some of the many faces of Sheepie. He even has a Facebook page! I don't know Sheepie's owners, but I often thank them silently for bringing a smile to my face.Heaven knows at times that smile has been hard to find recently!
I post this photo by way of saying an early Happy Christmas to all my blog readers, because it is my intention that I will take a break from blogging from now until schools go back here at the end of January .
The last few months have been manic to say the least, and I really feel the need to have a rest. Physically, I've been battling a painful back since my ill-fated flirtation with running earlier this year, and I really would like to reclaim some fitness over the summer break. More than that, though, with my son starting high school next year, and my daughter in 2012, there is a feeling in the air that changes are afoot. My role in life is surely changing, and my intuition is I need to clear the decks. I'll spend the next couple of weeks just doing things I enjoy and mulling over what is important to me, and what that means to how I spend my time
I will also be thinking about this blog, and what I want to do with it in the future. Will I keep blogging in the manner I've done to date? Change the emphasis? Start a new blog on new topics? Or stop blogging altogether? We'll see.
I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on this blog, especially over the last few months. This is such a small blog, a speck of moondust in comparison to all those bright shining stars in the blogoverse out there, but it doesn't feel so small to me when so many kind people make contact. You are the reason I've blogged til now. Thank you all again.
Blessings and good wishes to all for 2011.


Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your break from work and blogging.
Sheepie is very cheeky, and must brighten a lot of peoples days.

Good luck with your fitness quest and I hope to see you back blogging next year. If not, it has been such atreat to read your blog and get to know you. My email address is on my profile if you ever want to chat.

Paola said...

Thanks Tracy.Whatever I decide to do in 2011, I'll still be keeping up with doings on Sunny Corner Farm, that's for sure...

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Enjoy your break.
Sounds as though 2011 brings a few changes for you, hope they are all good.
Best wishes

achan said...

Merry Christmas Paola to you and your family. Enjoy your summer with your family, I feel it is an important time as a mother to be able to relax, unwind and have quality time with the ones we love.

I too look forward to reading blog in the new year, I hope you come back :)

I am hoping to come down your way after Christmas to see some friends and enjoy the counryside that you write about so lovingly!

Paola said...

Bridget, thanks for the comment. I'll be in your neck of the woods end January - a week checking out the North Island of NZ with the kids. Can't wait.
Achan, hope you enjoy your time in my neck of the woods,and that the weather is kind. Check out those Jervis Bay beaches if you can - the best beaches in the world, as voted by me!

gail said...

Wishing you and yours a very happy and peace filled Christmas.

Blessings Gail

emilysincerely said...

Blessings & good wishes to you & your family too! I have enjoyed "chatting" with you on your blog. What ever you decide it has been fun! I am still trying to find the niche in blogland so I know what you mean about a "being a speck of moondust."

Stop by again when you have a chance and hopefully we will see you back here in 2011. Sincerely, Emily

Libby said...

HI Paola,

Sorry to hear you won't be posting for a while - I certainly hope you will be back. Enjoy your break and hope your back gets better so you can get back into exercising. I don't think there are many things worse than back pain.


Paola said...

Thank you Libby, Gail and Emily. Hope you all have a very happy Christmas...

Linda said...

Paola, I can relate. Had so much trouble with my back last year, such a worry it is.

Blogging same, unable to think much lately lol. Changes afoot here too, but I think they will be more during the year, perhaps March they will kick in, with one in VCE Year 12 and another in second year uni, and now one in grade 4. Even year 9 will seem more grown up most likely.

I hope we both find something we are happy with. Nearly Feb already, I found Christmas I wanted it over, now I can't remember much about it and time is getting away.