Friday, December 10, 2010

Catch up gardening

Heaps of rain, busy work schedules and general silly season ridiculousness has kept me out of the vegie garden for weeks now. It's been dying for attention, and this morning it got some.
It wasn't a pretty sight up there. The snails have been sliming amok. The weeds are rampant. My lettuces have been turning to sludge. Not good.
So, in soupy humidity, this is what I did this morning:
  • Pulled out a heaped wheelbarrow full of weeds.
  • Took wheelbarrow up to compost heap. Dumped weeds and replaced with compost. Noted that those little fruit stickers don't break down. Is it too much to expect that stickers on fruit are compostable?
  • Took compost back to garden and spread into empty areas for replanting.
  • Picked dozens of snails off leeks, silverbeet, garlic and lettuce. Put in bucket and took down to ducks.
  • Went with bucket into sheep paddock to pick up manure (ah, the glamour!). Not much to pick up. The rain is probably breaking it down quickly.
  • Spread manure on garden.
  • Pruned grapevines and took prunings over to sheep - they lerve grape leaves.
  • Back in vegie garden, topped up mulch. Again, I think the rain is causing the mulch to break down faster than normal.
  • Noted sad state of cucumbers, eggplant and capsicum. No obvious problems with disease or pests, just very little growth in two months since planting.
  • Up to worm bin to get castings to make casting tea to give these sad sacks a bit of a perk up.
  • Fed vegies worm casting tea.
  • Made up Dipel spray to spray on the cabbages.
  • Harvested zucchinis and silverbeet.
  • Fed chooks and ducks spoiled lettuces. Sigh, will have to buy lettuce for the next couples of weeks.

Two hours was quite enough for me, but fortunately that was enough to make things in the vegie garden respectable again.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Send some of your rain to us please!
Has been very dry here in Northland.

Sounds as though you got a lot done in your gardening stint.

Paola said...

Bridget, would that we were able to parcel up some moisture and send it over to you. The grass is still squelching under our boots, and the last rain stopped two days ago!

emilysincerely said...

hi Paola, still waiting for rain here. 7 Sept was our last rain. Your adventures today made me tired just reading about them. You did get a lot done though!

My parents are visiting and we worked all day in the yard and accomplished a lot. I hope to work on painting the shop tomorrow. It should be warm enough and crossing my fingers that there will be no wind. Sincerely, Emily

Paola said...

Emily, I hope you get some rain soon - wouldn't that make a nice Christmas present?

Libby said...

The veggie garden can be so frustrating can't it? Our lettuce has gone to seed! Most other things are going okay though - we had a really bad year last year so I'm pleased with how everything is going so far, though I did find some holes in some of the tomatoes yesterday :-(. Still the rewards far outway the negatives. I'm just glad that (like you) I've got animals to give the rejects too :-).