Friday, November 12, 2010

Too much water

Man alive. Has it been wet here lately. We've had a couple of late-afternoon tropics style downpours this week, on top of weeks of constant rain. The ground is absolutely saturated, so any new rainfall immediately forms enormous puddles.

Since we moved here in 2003, we've only had to deal with dry conditions. Looking longingly for rain year after year, it never occurred to me you can have too much of the stuff. You can.

Check out the garden. The weeds have run amok. The grapes are succumbing to fungus due to the extraordinary humidity, and it's too wet to spray. My valiant attempts to get one step ahead of the fruit fly have come to naught. Again, too wet to spray.

Over in the vegie patch, not much is happening. The seedlings I planted a few weeks ago have hardly moved, because until only a few days ago, it's been pretty cold too. The tomatoes are only about a foot tall, but are already fruiting, which is a bad sign. I've knocked off the tomatoes in an attempt to get them to put on some more growth.

The snails and slugs are having the party of the century, at the expense of whatever is in the garden. I've had to replant beans twice thanks to these blighters. Action Man picked up a bucketful of snails out of the agapanthus and fed them to the ducks. The sight was of a bucketful of snails was...mmmm..unusual. The sight of the ducks in a frenzy tucking into those snails was hilarious.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to raise seedlings for the first time. They've put on the first two leaves and stopped, and I have no idea why.

The only thing that seems to be thriving is the mushroom box.

Hope all your gardens are thriving...


Out Back said...

Yes we have had more rain than usual this year. Raining and humid at the moment.

We have had so many weeds, have got tired of pulling and mowing them. Our plants are loving the humid weather...

Tracy said...

It is widespread. We have had 8 days with rain in November so far and it is only the 12th. The summer should definitely be good in the garden with all of the sub-soil moisture (if we can overcome the problems associated with the wet).

gail said...

Yes we've had a lot of rain too but not as much as you, further down the coast. We are only 3 and a bit hours south of Sydney. Missed out on the big hail storm the other day though. Every thing is thriving here and your fly trap recipe is working a treat. Just a quick question Paola. When the traps get lots of flies inside do you empty the bottles and start a new mixture or do you just top up the bottles? Wishing you some nice dry weather for a couple of weeks.

Blessings Gail

Libby said...

Our veggie garden is doing really well this year (last year was shocking) but we've never managed to grow mushrooms successfully in this house :-(. In our last house we had rooms under the house (like a basement) and they did great.


Paola said...

thanks everyone for your comments.
Tania, you must be loving the rain where you are. Watching the changes must be fascinating.
Tracy, you are right that this growing season should be a ripper. I reckon I can hear the grass growing today.(no rain, 30 degrees)
Gail, I try to remember to empty out and put new mixture every so often,when the mixture starts to look a bit disgusting. Doesn't always work out that way though..I forget.
Libby, after two good batches, it looks like our mushrooms are succumbing to mould. Sigh.

emilysincerely said...

Well, when it rains, it pours (sorry, had to say it). There is no grass growing here right now. All of you can send some rain over to me in south Texas. Hasn't rained in a while at my house and the garden rain barrels are almost empty! Things are cooling off for the fall, but we still have temps during the daytime that are nice (70F). Sincerely, Emily