Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee beans

This year is looking to be our best crop yet with coffee. We've already harvested quite a bit, and there is still more to go out there.
The problem we are having this year is that the cool, wet weather is playing havoc with our attempts to process the beans. After husking the berries, we have been leaving the beans in the sun to dry out. This only works if you have sun for a few days at a stretch. Consistent sunshine has been at a premium around here the past few weeks. And it doesn't help when someone, okay me, leaves the beans out overnight and there is a big downpout. Back to square one.
So the beans aren't drying out, and instead are going mouldy. We tried been putting them in a very slow oven, but even the lowest temperatures seem to be too high, and instead of drying, they are cooking.
I'm conscious that I've been chronicling a lot of failures and challenges in the garden lately. I'm trying to see the bright side of things, really I am. But sometimes, in life and the garden, you get a run of outs.
Here's hoping for some more cheery news next time


Tracy said...

Last year we had terribly dry conditions and this year it is the opposite. What to do?
I hope you get to have at least one cuppa from your beans this year.

Carina said...

I am so relieved that an Aussie is also 'complaining' about the rain. I do appreciate it a lot and I am very grateful that the drought is broken in NSW but when is summer coming. We have a few and far between warmer days but lots of rain here in Sydney.

Good luck with trying to harvest and cultivate your crops!!!

Keep on smiling while you're swimming

pilgrimscottage said...

I know how it is. We've been trying to dry our cocoa beans in the sun but, we keep getting rain. Hope the sun will shine through soon long enough to dry things out. Just don't get discouraged. It's all part of farming/gardening.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

What a shame, but at least the crop is promising. No doubt you'll get the hang of the drying soon.
Growing coffee is on our 'to do' list!

emilysincerely said...

Good luck with the drying. Sounds like you have a challenge on your hands. The coffee beans look lovely! Sincerely, Emily