Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Woolly jumper...done!

Woolly jumper wearing weather has passed us by, I'm afraid, but here is my first ever jumper..done! More amazingly, I finished it in about 6 weeks. A miracle, considering every other thing I've ever attempted to knit has ended up as an unfinished object.
It may not be cutting edge fashion, but it's toasty warm, and I'm looking forward to next winter to give this jumper a run...


belinda said...

To have that as a first finished project is pretty amazing. I'll bet you'll spend all summer looking at it, touching it and anticipating it's use.

Kind Regards

Libby said...

That's a huge achievement - well done.


gail said...

Looks great Paola. You've done a great job and it does look cosy.

Blessings Gail

Paola said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I admit I'm pretty chuffed with myself, especially as I was a militant non-knitter up until my mid-thirties. Shows anything is possible!