Monday, October 18, 2010

Who ate my cheese?

An update on the camembert cheese I made at a cheesemaking course a few weeks ago.
After a few weeks of tending the cheese - mainly changing the ice brick in the esky morning and night, taking it with us to Sydney when we went up there for a few days, and turning the cheese every couple of days - we ate the cheese the other night when we had visitors to stay.
It was good! It tasted just like a real camembert. Quite chuffed overall.
I have plans to make a batch of cheese at home , but I don't think this will happen until the school holidays at least. I'll need to source some non-homogenised milk to start with, and then I'll need to clear 4-5 hours during the day to make the cheese. I don't see this happening for a while.


africanaussie said...

Hi there,
I just discovered your blog through a link from sunny corner farm, and had a lovely time wandering through past posts. You have some nice recipes I want to come back and try and I like the way you have your blog set up with varying interests. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I will be following along.

Paola said...

Thanks for visiting, Gillian. Great to hear from you. I'm a bit quiet on the blogging front at the moment as I am working full-time, but that will soon change, and I'll get back to posting more frequently. Thanks again...