Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Swallows have built this nest under the eaves, right over our front door. Cute. Now parenting some tiny birds, I get to spend a portion of every day cleaning swallow poo off my front door step. Not so cute.
I was starting to get exasperated, when my mother came to visit the other day. I pointed out the current bane of my life. Her reply? "That's lovely!" Why? According to her, in Italy they believe that swallows only build nests under the eaves of happy homes.
Well, okay then. I'm slightly mollified. They can stay. I only wish they didn't build their nest where they did.


gail said...

Love the swallows but hate the poo. But they are very graceful little creatures though. When we had our farm the took over our shed and the mess on our cars and equipment and tools got too much. We shood them away the next year. Love your blog and we using your fly trap method on our trees as well.
Blessings Gail

Paola said...

I've decided that they can stay this year, but the nest will have to come down once they've flown the nest..

farcki said...

Just build a shelf under the nest say 300mm below to catch all the poo Pete

emilysincerely said...

Hi Paola, I have been away for the past 2 weeks and it will take a bit of time to catch up on my blog reading. Quick comment on the swallows. We had them under the front porch eve where people walked up to the front door and on either side. Love having the bug-eating birds around, didn't like the clean up. I heard about painting the ceiling a light pale blue (like the sky). It is suppose to make them think it is not a shaded protected area, but an open-to-the-sky place and they won't nest there. IT WORKED! but I miss the birds. In hind sight I should have just painted the walking area. so maybe one day I will repaint the white. They still nest at my neighbors so I know they are around. Just wanted to pass on something that worked for me. My neighbor puts a big board down under nest and hoses it off. It keeps the poo from staining his cement. Sincerely, Emily

Paola said...

Emily and Pete, thanks so much for the ideas..