Saturday, October 30, 2010

The impossible tomato

Last summer, we had a tomato grow from a crack in the concrete at the bottom of our front steps. It ended up being our highest yielding tomato bush ever. The summer, we have this contender, growing with no visible means of support from a crack between the house and the verandah. I don't have high hopes for this bush, because it only gets minimal morning sun whereas last year's impossible bush got lots of sun. But, hey, when it comes to gardening, I am constantly being proven wrong, so why listen to me?
I'll keep you posted.


Libby said...

WOW - I'd had some sprout in the garden but not in places like this :-).


Tracy said...

Good luck to the tomato, I hope it yields kilos of fruit for you.

Paola said...

Hope so too. Tomatoes are amazing plants..

achan said...

wow I wonder how the seed got there to start with! I have Italian parsley growing in exactly the same spot!!

Plants are amazing, the ones that get no help go wild and the ones that we tend to seem far from their potential!

africanaussie said...

Often those veggies that choose there own home are the best. My most prolific eggplant happens to be a volunteer in the front garden.