Sunday, October 31, 2010

200 Posts

This post marks my 200th post blogmark.
Reaching this blogmark has naturally got me thinking about blogging.
Firstly, even though I have been blogging for nearly three years, only a very few family and friends know I blog. I am happy for people I have never met to read about me, but not people I know. What does this say? Is this just me, or is this common?
Secondly, sometimes I wonder whether I should reveal more or less personal stuff in my blog posts. I find this a difficult line to draw. On one hand,the blogs that resonate most with me write openly and honestly about all sorts of issues. On the other hand, I am old enough to guard my privacy and that of my family (who didn't ask to be blogged about) tightly. Where do you draw the line? I'd be interested to read your thoughts.
Thirdly, checking out my stats, by far the most page views are generated by a single post I made in March 2009 on making strawberry guava jelly. Fortunately, world domination in blogging has never been a particular goal. For me blogging is a creative outlet (and it also acts as an on-line diary for me. It's amazing how often I refer back to my own posts for recipes and the like). The other pleasing part about blogging is the comments I receive from the blogging community: "regulars" such as Linda, Tracy, Libby and Emily as well and others from time to time. I write with you in mind, and love to read your comments, as well as check out your blogs, even though I don't always comment as much as I'd like. Thanks for your interest in my blog, it definitely keeps me motivated to continue when at times I've thought of stopping.

So, blogging? Why do you do it? I'd love to know.


Sonia said...

This was a short and sweet post - and I could have written it myself. Your thoughts mirror mine in so many ways. I call it the 'secret life'. I don't have a problem with strangers reading about me but my family? Nope. Is this strange behaviour? Probably but who cares. I began blogging because I was craving to speak to others who are like-minded about environmental awareness. I love it. I'm still very guarded with my privacy but you are right in saying it's always nice to read posts that reveal things about the blogger. You feel like you 'know' them even though you've never met. I'm starting to open up a little as I blog more. I think it would be great for you to open up a little more and let your readers in. You can still be selective of course, you draw the line wherever you like.
I look back at my recipes all the time. It's bizarre. I didn't think that would happen but because I often ad lib with dinner, I can never recreate the meal the same way - something is always slightly different. Now, I can refer back to my recipes. It's great!

achan said...

Congratulations on 200 posts, that's a hard feet!!

I'm just wondering if you wrote that post or was it me???? I am the same, I only know 2 of my blogging friends, the rest I've met online. I am reluctant to give out too many details and sometimes I wonder if I am too cautious. I recently took a little survey of the blogs I read and noticed those who share lots of details about their lives and post lots of family photos are quite young and can't see anything bad about the internet. Those who seem to self censor their blogs tend to be more, dare I say, mature, educated people. That was just from the 30 or so blogs that I follow and no way is that the norm of the blogging world!

I think that you can naturally draw genuine people to your blog if you write comments on other blogs (that's how I'm here!!) but they will only stay if they have a common interest. I enjoy your blog, maybe it's because it is the type of life I would like to live, also because it's Aussie and also because I like the way you write :)

Please don't feel pressured to write about stuff you don't want to, it only causes the writer anguish when they regret what they've done!

I'm already looking forward to your next post!

Barb-Central Texas said...

I've wondered about this as well. I like blogs (and books) that combine useful information with personal philosophies and feelings. I think that's what made Julie Powell's blog so popular (

On the other hand, there are limits to what one wants to share with strangers.

gail said...

Hello Paolo,

I'm really not sure why I feel uncomfortable about blogging. To be honest I have removed all my posts and that is probably most unfair as I know it is nice to go back and check a recipe or some info that others have placed on their blog in past posts and it is annoying to find they have been cleared. I often refer back to your past posts for info. We are using your recipe for the fruit fly traps and they are working a treat. So thankyou for your blog and the information you so freely share.
Blessings Gail

Linda said...

That is me all over Paola.

Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and you are one of my fellow bloggers who I think of as a friend.

I completely understand about feeling strange about people you know reading your blog. I have only just 'allowed' my husband to start reading the blog even though he knows what goes on at our place and it is not news to him. I think it is like public speaking, it is harder(for me at least) to speak in front of strangers than in front of people I know.

I have started to be a little more open about my family and probably would be more so if my children were even older. I figure that from my blog stats most of my visitors are people I would sit down, share a cuppa with and invite into my home. The weirdos, aren't really interested in sifting through the gardening and farming stories to locate anything revealing.

Congratulations on 200 posts. I look forward to reading more.
Your friend,

Paola said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback and taking the time to write detailed comments. I appreciate them all. Seems it's not so strange to be a "secret blogger" after all. I feel exactly the same about public speaking, like you, Tracy.

emilysincerely said...

Congrats Paola! 200 posts! I completely understand your post and was laughing as I read the other comments because they were saying exactly what I was thinking as I read your post. I am not new to reading blogs or commenting, but I am SO new to being a blogger - I just started in Oct. And I do think I will be a secret blogger too.

I enjoy reading about things you are doing. I have been to Australia three times - once as a teenager with my family on a trip, once as an exchange student in Hobart and the last time was to go back and visit the family I lived with in Hobart and travel around a bit more. I have great memories of each trip and now I feel I have another "friend" in Australia too. Thank you for all that you share. Sincerely, Emily

Shauna said...

very very very late to the party here but wanted to say Happy 200 Posts to youuuu! :)