Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woolly jumper

Brrrr. When I started this jumper a few weeks ago, I thought it's first wear would be next winter. But the chilly winds are still around, and I seem to be getting through this much faster than anticipated thanks to the chunky yarn and big needles. Who knows, I might get to wear it in the tail end of this winter.
This is my first ever attempt at a jumper and I'm quite pleased with how it's going. Deciding to knit a jumper was one of those things I just fell into. I was in the yarn section of the local Spotlight looking for yarn to finish this blanket. Couldn't find any yarn I likedfor the blanket, but did see some Patons Inca yarn that I did like. Wandered over to the patterns, and found a pattern for a classic sweater in the Patons Learn to Knit book, just what I had in mind and it didn't look too complicated for me. Bought the book, but held off on the yarn.
Went home and got onto ebay where I got the yarn for $2.80 a ball, a lot less than I would pay in the shops. When you haven't knitted anything before, you don't want to invest heavily in the materials in case it turns into a schemozzle.
So here I am, and I'm feeling confident, although the neckband looks at bit complicated. I've read the instructions and can't make them out. Here's hoping that it will all make sense when I get to that bit...


Libby said...

Clever girl. I'm still yet to move beyond scarves :-).


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

I like the yarn. Well done on your first attempt!
I haven't knitted for several years, and this year didn't get past just looking at all my needles and patterns which I found after putting in storage. Before next Winter though I'd like to knit a couple of jumpers for my little boy - should give me heaps of time to get organised!!

Paola said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Libby and CTF. Here's hoping I can go on as I started