Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who made my cheese?

That would be me..
I've been musing for a while about learning to make cheese and yesterday, I did it. I took a one day workshop to learn to make camembert and ricotta. Above is a picture of my take-home cheese, a camembert soaking in brine, before being stored in an esky for a few weeks to develop that characteristic white mold exterior.
The workshop was held at Small Cow Farm at Robertson in the Southern Highlands. It was very much hands-on, and a lot of fun. We all got to take home a cheese which we will tend over the next few weeks before we get to eat it. Can't wait to eat it with some home-made wine!
I'm keen to have a go and make some more, but I'll have to navigate my way through a few obstacles. 1) I'll have to try and source some non-homogenised milk, which is necessary for cheesemaking. Homogenised milk doesn't cut it. I think I'll have to of approach the dairies around here directly. 2) I'll have to pick my day when nothing else is happening, and I can stick around the kitchen for a few hours - these days are few and far between for me. Cheesemaking is a bit of a long drawn out process, so I'll have to pick my time well.


Carina said...

Hi Paola, We've just been to Robertson last weekend. We stayed over at Burrawang. I just love that area. We live in Sydney, originally from South Africa and I am also doing casual teaching. Friends of ours have also attended a 'cheese making workshop' and we had a taste of their lovely cheese. It is one of the things to do on my list. We had a glorious sunny and warm day here in Sydney. I still have to get use to the longer winters over here. Enjoy your jumper. Hopefully finished by now.

Paola said...

Hi Carina, thanks for commenting! I love the Southern Highlands too, and daydream about moving there (my mother grew up in Moss Vale), but my Queenslander husband can't stand the cold!
Hope you enjoy your holidays. I know I will!

Libby said...

How fun! I don't think I'd have the patience even though i LOVE cheese. Can't wait to hear what you think of it when you get to eat it.