Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring around the corner

This morning I went for a walk (yes, walk alas, not run), and it is the first day I can say spring is on its way. It was there in the way the trees are just starting to leaf, the warm breeze that had me taking off my jumper but mostly in the spring smell. What it is I can't pinpoint but there was a definite smell of spring in the air.
Sometimes I think I should rename this blog "Fruit Fly Follies", because once spring rolls around, it's on my mind. And then for the next few months it's ongoing guerilla warfare against the darn things.
The stone fruit is just coming into flower, so now is the time to start planning, because this year, I really, REALLY want to eat my own stone fruit. For the last two years, most of the fruit has gone straight into the bin (after leaving them in plastic bags in the sun for a week).
I mentioned my goal to Mick the Gardener who I hired to prune my seriously overgrown fruit trees a while ago. We agreed that because I have a number of non-resident neighbours with orchards, it is highly unlikely they are attending to their fruit fly. So whatever I do, I'll never get on top of them.
His suggestion was exclusion bags. Given that our trees are now a much more manageable size, they should be much easier to use. Sounds like a possibility. I wonder if anyone out there has used them? Did they keep the FF out? I would love to know.
If you're interested, here's the link he sent me to the greenharvest website.


Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
last year was our first year with a problem with fruit fly and i hope we can manage it this year becasue I hate sharing with them, they are too greedy.
I don't know what happened to the spring though because up here, it was here one day and gone the next.

Barb-Central Texas said...

We don't have problems with fruit flies here in central Texas (far as I know), but my peaches are often ruined by stink bugs. I've heard that enclosing the fruits in panty hose fabric helps. I'll be interested to see the results if you decide to try the bags.