Monday, August 23, 2010

Running roundup - Week 5

In my last running post, I wrote that I planned to repeat Week 5 of the running programme, which I did. Over the week I was gradually running a little more and walking a little less. Great! My last run was last Tuesday, though, because on Wednesday I woke up with a back twang so painful I had to knock back work - being a casual, I really have to be sick to give up work. I spent the day lying flat on my back, alternating cold and warm compresses, and taking painkillers. It was the worst back pain I've ever endured.
So now I'm not sure what to do. I don't run when my back hurts, and it never hurts during the run. But twice now, my back has gone into spasm 24 hours later. Mmm.
I'm wondering if my body is really suited to running. Should I go back to walking and try and build up some strength in my abdomen, before running again? (Actually I think that after year's of yoga, my core strength is pretty good) Or just forget about running.
Not sure about this one...


belinda said...

It's a hard one this one but if you really want to continue I would give pool work a go. Go back to week one and work forward. I expect you will find the resistence in the pool week one will feel hard enough to be a challenge.

At a guess you have a few muscles that aren't activating well enough to support the level of activity you are trying to do. Working in the pool will reduce the impact but give your body a chance to build the supportive muscles you will need to do it on the pavement. Otherwise there is always the option to consult with a good physio they are likely to be able to tell you pretty quick smart what strengthening you should be doing to support whatever is triggering your back spasms.

Kind Regards

libby said...

Sorry - no suggestions for you. I can't run because of heel spurs. Hope your back is feeling better. I too had a sore back yesterday but not as bad as yours.