Friday, August 13, 2010

Keep on running - Weeks 4 & 5

In my last running blog post, I was off the programme with back twangs, that had me shelving the running shoes until the back went back to normal.
That lasted 10 days. I returned to the programme, starting again at Week 4, and have now finished Week 5. I'm planning to repeat Week 5 in the upcoming week, mainly because I just feel my body needs it!
I am finding runs of longer than a kilometre a bit of a challenge . As soon as I hit the 1k mark, my legs seem to sieze up and not want to run any more.
I've been resorting to "positive affirmation" type stuff at this point- things like telling myself "I am running smoothly and easily" etc. etc. I still haven't run 1.5km straight, but am slowly getting there.
The other challenge is finding the time to run. This is my busiest time of year, workwise. I have very few "open" windows to run when I work, and I found this week they can easily close up, mainly with kids' activities - choir practice, doctor's appointments and the like.
In the next few weeks, though, as days become longer, early morning runs will be become a possibility. Even though I feel I get up early enough as it is (6.00am), some early morning starts will mean I can get my run done with before my time is at the mercy of work and family.
Last weekend, the City to Surf was run, a 14km run from Sydney city to Bondi. This year 80,000 people entered. I think I would like to make this a goal for next year. One year from 1km to 14km is doable, isn't it?


belinda said...

Hi Paola,

Congratulations on keeping on, it would have been so easy for that interruption to become permanent.

Although I have no personal experience with this your goal sounds quite achievable if you keep going the way you are a the moment. I have heard that many people hit another wall about 5km but once you get through that extending the distance out becomes a bit easier.

Kind Regards

Paola said...

Hi Belinda,
I'd like to thank you for your ongoing encouragement for this running thing I have going on. It really does help keep me on the straight and narrow...