Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chickweed anyone?

Chickweed and a struggling lettuce seedling

Brrrr....I reckon it's been the coldest winter around here for years. This is what I base this observation on:

1. The temperature gauge in my car has only been over 15 degrees twice since the June long weekend, and regularly reads below 10.
2. We've had at least a dozen frosts, instead of the normal 1-2.
3. Nothing is growing. Normally I can keep growing lettuces at least through winter, but this year, they have steadfastly refused to grow.
4. At school I am keeping my coat on all day, inside and out.

In the vegie patch, I have just harvested the last cabbage. There is nothing left to pick beside parsley and a few leeks, so for the next few months until the spring plantings get going, I will be buying 98 per cent of our vegies ( we are still eating through the autumn pumpkins). Sigh.

One thing that is growing is chickweed (stellaria media). In Darina Allen's "Forgotten Skills of Cooking" she talks about eating chickweed, in salads, as a cooked green and in soup. At the moment I rip it up and give it to the chooks who seem to like it. I'm a bit wary though...has anyone else out there eaten chickweed? What did you think?


Out Back said...

Sorry I can't comment on the chickweed, but certainly agree with you about the weather. Living where it rarely rains, it has been a blessing to have so much rain this Winter. Hubby says we are using more wood for our fire this year which is a clear indication that the weather has surely been colder.

Not long until Spring now...

Have a great day,


Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
I've tried it. It isn't really that bad or that good either. I think it has that novelty kind of feel about it when you eat it. The one person I know who does eat it likes to let everyone know how great it is and that they enjoy eating weeds. I'm not convinced. A bit like nettles for me, I'm not sure I like them or just like the idea of eating them.