Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What plant is this?

I have two pots of this lily-type plant, which is flowering at the moment. Someone gave Action Man this plant, and I would love to identify it. I've never seen it anywhere. This photo does not do the flower justice. It's a mix of bright pink, purple, yellow and lime green, a truly spectacular combination. Can anyone out there identify it for me?

Meanwhile, we are in federal election mode here in Australia, which means lots of politicians making lots of speeches and interview grabs filled with lots of cliches. ABC 702 radio is running a game called Election Lingo Bingo. There are thirty well-worn phrases to find, the aim being the audience tries to find all thirty in the shortest amount of time. When you hear a phrase you email the station with a "sighting", which they then verify. Fun, hey? It started last night at midnight. Already I've "sighted" "hard working Australians", uttered by our new female PM Julia Gillard this morning on Radio National Breakfast. If you are interested, here's the list of phrases. I wouldn't think you'd need to listen to 702 to take part. Certainly makes listening to the news a lot more fun!

Edited to add:
Thanks to Cabbage Tree Farm for identifying this plant as billbergia nutans, a variety of bromeliad. The link to the Cabbage Tree Farm is here.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi there, have just stumbled upon your blog.
Yes I do know what that plant is, it's a Bromeliad - Billbergia nutans. The flowers are quite amazing aren't they.

Paola said...

Thanks for that, Cabbage Tree Farm! I would never have picked it as a bromeliad - they are an amazing family of plants aren't they