Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 4 Running

Week 4 of the running programme started okay. This week included a 1.5km run. This is the longest distance I have run at one stretch in a long time. I found it challenging. My heart and breathing were okay, but the "lead-legged" feeling started as I completed 1km, so I slowed to a walk. The feeling isn't pain, just achiness and a feeling of great effort in the lower legs.

I completed two of the planned three runs. On Sunday I was planning to do my third run of the week. Unfortunately, I woke up with what I call back twangs, which I get this every so often. The pain isn't debilitating - I can still walk around and do most of what I want - but it is bad enough to be uncomfortable, and has me looking for pain killers. The thought of doing an impact exercise like running is out of the question. These episodes last from one day to one month, so I decided to forgo the running until the pain subsides. I've kept up walking and swimming, though.

Today, Wednesday, the pain has gone, but I won't be able to run now until Friday afternoon because of my work schedule. Once I get home it's nearly dark these winter days and though country roads are great places to run because they are so quiet, the lack of street lighting makes night running a bit scary.

Given the difficulties I was having with this week's programme, I would have repeated this week anyway. My plan is to stay on Week 4 until I can run the 1.5km distance, however long it takes. I'm happy to take it slowly, and know that if I just keep persisting I'll reach my goal in the end.


Belinda said...

Hi Paola,

Great to see you listening to your body through this process. Something that might be worth a try to try and keep the gains you have made as well as helping to build supporting core muscle strength, while removing the high impact part of the exercise, is to work in the pool.

Maybe give week 1 a go in the pool next time you go down there for swimming and see how it feels.

Kind Regards

Paola said...

Thanks Belinda for the advice. Your suggestion to work in the pool is a good one, and something I wouldn't have thought of myself.
I'll definitely give it a go, especially as this back thing seems to be persisting after all..

Sincerely, Emily said...

Hi Paola,
Hope your back "twangs" have stayed away. Stick with it all. I have back "twangs" and they can be quite debilitating. Still working through one of them right now. I have been doing core exercises for 6+ months and gained a lot from them. It is still frustrating when the back acts up though. Again, Stick with it. It is worth it. Emily

Paola said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Emily. The back has improved, and I am back running. Core exercises help a lot..