Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 3 running recap

Week 3 of Julia Jones' running programme completed on schedule.
Some firsts for me this week:
1. I skipped for the first time in about 35 years! The programme this week has you alternating between skipping and walking a few times as a build up to two 1km runs. By golly, was it fun! I think it's impossible to skip without a smile on your face.
2. During the 1km runs, I broke out from lead-legged shuffling into bursts of activity that would be identified as "running". With each session, I did a little less shuffling and a little more running - a little, but enough to take 1 minute 15 seconds off my 1 km time this week. My fastest time was 7 minutes 35 seconds (I started 1km a few weeks ago at 9 minutes 20 seconds)

Overall I am finding the programme really enjoyable. Each week gives you a bit more of a challenge, so I feel I am getting somewhere without overextending myself. And no part of my body has hurt at any point over the last few weeks!

And in other news...I've lost the pesky 4cm around my waist and hip measurements that had me start running in the first place. So I can cut out and sew some skirts and pants I had planned from my custom pattern. So, I've achieved my first goal. Hooray!


Belinda said...

Congratulations on both, you really are doing wonderful things.

I agree that it's basically impossible to skip without a grin on your face... I think the movement takes our mind back to when we were young, carefree and loving life to it's full.

Kind Regards

maa said...

Congratulations. Baby steps all adds up in the end, doesn't it?
Have you noticed any change in your skin too?


achan said...

Congratualtions Goal 1 achieved!!!

To not feel sore and still be enjoying it sounds like the program is really well designed. Do you have as much enthusiasm when you are doing it that you seem to have in telling us about it? I'm in awe!

Paola said...

Belinda, skipping is lovely. Action Man came out with me on one of the skipping sessions and even he was laughing!
Maa..Can't say I've noticed too much of a change in my skin yet. I will pay more attention though!
Achan..I'm completely surprised that I've gotten this far without missing a session, indeed, I'm always looking forward to the next. I started out by doing the session while listening to music, but I've stopped doing that because I just started to enjoy the running itself. I would recommend this programme to anyone who was starting from scratch as I was.

SMB tech geeks said...

You go girl! From one shuffling runner to another, well done you :0)

Paola said...

Thanks, fellow shuffler, SMB!