Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 2 (repeat)

Last week I decided to repeat Week 2 of Julia Jones' running program for beginners (link in side column). I'm glad I did. The lead is still there, but I can detect some improvement so taking it slowly is worth doing.
One of the great things about living where I do is I know just about all my neighbours within a two kilometre radius. One of the worst things about living where I do is I know just about all my neighbours within a two kilometre radius, which is not great when one is trying to learn to run. The roads around here are very quiet, perfect for running. However, when a car does pass, it is normally driven by a neighbour I know. Call me paranoid, but I am sure I detect a smirk every so often. "There she is, trying to run! Wonder how long this will last?" I am sure they are thinking as they wave at me cheerily! To make it worse we seem to have an abnormally high percentage of "serious" athletes around here. You know, types who do long course triathlons, marathons etc. One neighbour took off this week to follow the Tour de France - on his bike. My lead-legged shuffling must look pretty sad to them.
Never mind! I plan to be running for a long while yet, shuffling or not...


belinda said...

Congratulations on making through another week.

I have to say I seriously doubt people are laughing at you. Most of the active people I know just love it when they see someone they know starting to move.

Kind Regards

Julia said...

You'd be amazed at how much of that negative talk is only in your own head. Most people think only about themselves, this includes your neighbors.
If you have to think at all, think in positive.
They are probably thinking:

- Man, I should get out there too!

- Look at her go! Good for her.

- I wish I had the will power, time to run like her.

In my neighborhood where everybody knows because they always see me running - someone will stop me once in awhile, but only to compliment my tenacity or the fact that they'd like to be running too (then I get all the excuses why they can't!).

When you see someone run by your house, what do you think? In negative or in positive?

Paola said...

Julia and Belinda,
You are both right, I know. My lovely neighbours, if they are thinking about my running at all, are probably positive about my running/jogging/shuffling/skipping.I'm really not that negative!

achan said...

I'm the type of person who doesn't give up if someone slips in a coment like 'you'll give up soon'. I'm stubborn and I need to motivate me to keep going.

I think your lucky that you don't live in a built up area having to run past cars, trucks, shopping center and loads of people

Paola said...

Achan, Yes, our neighbourhood is perfect for running and cycling. Nicely undulating countryside so there are a few hills, and very little traffic. If 6 cars pass by during the 40 or so minutes I'm out, I think of it as peak hour!