Sunday, July 11, 2010

This book's a cracker

I had my birthday a little while ago, and this book, Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Irish cooking writer Darina Allen, was one of my gifts.
As you would guess by the 700 recipes, this is one weighty book. There are chapters on foraging, game, fish, meats (including information on different cuts including offal), sausages, smoking, breadmaking, vegetables, cheese and dairy, preserving and baking. In each chapter there is comprehensive information, followed by several recipes. For example, in the potato section there is info on how to grow potatoes followed by recipes.
What I liked especially about this book is that there are recipes and information that lifts it above most recipe books. And the recipes themselves work, which is always the bottom line with recipe books. And the book is beautifully presented.
One reservation, whilst it is detailed, it is not definitive for us here in Australia. Unsurprisingly, some of the chapters have limited relevance for Australians, particularly the foraging section. Ditto game, and fish, although it's fairly easy to substitute Australian species here.
To me though, these points are only minor drawbacks. This book's a cracker, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to get skilled in the kitchen and the garden.


Out Back said...

I haven't heard of this book before, looks and sounds pretty interesting.

Certainly would be a good book to look out for, I have similar ones here but not with 700 recipes, that certainly is a bonus.

Best wishes,


Paola said...

Hi Tania, I've seen this book in local bookstores, but Action Man ordered this for me

maa said...

Interesting book!

Great site Paola, I've just ordered a couple of books from there. Free postage and cheaper than anywhere else.

Paola said...

maa, this book's a cracker and the book depository site is a cracker too!