Saturday, July 3, 2010

Knitting season

Last year, I started knitting this blanket whilst watching the Tour de France. I had to stop knitting for a while because I acquired a knitting injury (chafed skin on middle finger right hand ). Since recovering from injury, I've done a bit of knitting on and off, but with the World Cup, and now this year's T de F, I am in peak knitting season.
This blanket pattern is one of my own devising. I am using 8 ply wool, with No 4 needles. I simply cast on 28 stitches and then knit a square of knit, purl or rib, then cast off. I hope to have 81 squares done soon, so I can finish this blanket for this winter. If successful, this will be the first knitted object I have completed.
As someone who always thought I couldn't knit, I am really quite chuffed to have gotten this far! I'm already contemplating my next knitting project....

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Tracy said...

Hi Paola,
The squares look lovely and cheery. I hope you have no more knitting injuries and get your blanket finished soon.