Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sewing Dilemmas, or Why I've taken up Running

One thing about sewing your own clothes* is that while the mind denies, the tape measure never lies. Sewing forces you to deal with the reality of the tape measure.

I'd started to suspect that I'd put on a few kilos but happily ignored the evidence until I decided to make myself a new skirt, using the fabric I'd picked up at Vinnies for two dollars. Out came the tape measure and there in black and white, the evidence. I'd added four centimetres to my waist and hip measurement.

You might think, so what's the problem? Just cut the skirt bigger! That's why you sew, right?Well, it's slightly more complicated. You see, over the last year or so, I'd painstakingly developed skirt, pant and bodice patterns that fit me exactly. The amount of effort and patience that went into this was far beyond anything I'd ever attempted before, and by golly, I really wanted to get my effort's worth out of them! I was not in the frame of mind to start again with the whole fitting malarkey.

So, my only option is to diet and exercise those centimetres away.

Normally, I'm pretty relaxed about diet and exercise. I do not fret too much about it. I eat til I'm not hungry, and try to get a reasonable amount of exercise. But clearly, since that approach had given me four extra centimetres, it was time to shake things up a bit.

So about a month ago I started walking, at least four days a week for an hour.

Coincidentally, I became the owner of an iPod (a birthday present), so I started to listen to podcasts on my walks.

One day, I was listening to a healthy living podcast, Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone, and the guest was a running coach Julia Jones from Italy, who has coached heaps of women from the couch to running greatness.

I don't know what happened, but while I was listening to this enthusiastic chat, my legs started to run there and then, of their own accord. I took this as a sign that my body was ready to run, so I went home and downloaded the programme from the Two Fit Chicks site. The programme promises eight weeks from non-runner to 5K. I am the world's least natural runner, so if this comes off - miracles happen.

So even though this is not a fitness blog, I beg your indulgence to post about it while I follow the programme. Knowing that I've made my plan "public" I hope will keep me accountable and on the straight and narrow. And if anyone out there is moved to join with me, that would be fantastic. It would be great to have an running buddy out there in blogland.

And hopefully by the end of it, I'll be sewing with my patterns again.

*BTW if you are thinking, "we've seen precious little of this so-called sewing hobby" on this blog let me say two things:

1. As a relative beginner, I sew a fair proportion of "wadders" - no one gets to see these.

2. I have a pathological aversion to photos of myself, so the thought of full length photos on the net, well, let's say I haven't come to terms with this yet. But it may change!


Tracy said...

Good luck with your efforts. I like running and walking too. When I say running, I mean jogging it isn't fast enough to be running. I know the dilemma of the increase in centimetres too well but I think that the most important measure is health and fitness. Having said that, it really doesn't make you feel too good when your aren't comfortable in your clothes because of those dreaded few centimetres.

Belinda said...

Best Wishes with the running. Just make sure you keep listening to what your body is telling you even if it isn't quite the same as "the program".

I have to agree with you on the photo's thing, there is a reason there are very few people pictured on my blog.

Kind Regards

Shauna said...

Can't wait to read all about it - hope you enjoy :)

By the way you are on the 2FC blog today, woohoo!

achan said...

Love the comment "while the mind denies, the tape measure never lies" I think I need to post that on the fridge!!

Start making those skirts and by the time they are ready your old body should be on it's way back!!

Personally I hate running but goodluck!! My friends have all started hoola hooping so I thought of joining them to tighten up the middle!!

As we say here Ganbatte!!!

Out Back said...

I really must get walking again to budge some of my excess kilos too. I started taking my ipod and listen to my favourite music, it seems to make the walk easier for some reason and it is great to switch off to the outside world for a while.

It is annoying when clothes become tight, but I do the same as you, watch what I eat and get some exercise so I can wear the clothes again rather than go and buy new ones. I am thinking of making my own clothes, I used to when I was younger.

Thanks for getting me motivated again for both exercise and sewing.


Paola said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Now I definitely will have to come up with the goods.

maa said...

You go girl! Good luck with the weight loss.