Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Running Week 2 - who put the lead in my legs?

Well, I've finished the second week of my running programme.

The upside: I stuck to the schedule, ran three times and did exactly what the programme asked (just). And nothing hurts! I even ran in the freezing rain!

The downside: During each session I would be fine until the "free form run" bit at the end, where you have to run 1 kilometre.

Have you seen the film "Gallipoli"? Right at the beginning, it shows the protagonist, Archie training for a sprint. His coach asks him "What are these?" pointing to his legs. Archie replies "Springs! Steel springs!" Well I can relate to that except my legs seem to have suddenly been filled with lead. No springy feeling at all! It was such an effort to finish that kilometre at each session. Nothing hurt, but my legs just felt SO heavy. I managed to do it, but was I enjoying that bit? No.

So, in view of this, I've decided to stay on Week 2 of the programme, just to see if I can kick the "heavy" feeling.

Memo to self: Do not listen to funny podcasts eg. Roy and HG, whilst running. Having to stop and double over with laughter on the side of the road does nothing for one's rhythm, not to mention fitness.


Sincerely, Emily said...

I think you have a good idea about sticking with Week 2 again and feel better about it all. good plan! Emily in So. Texas

Tracy said...

I think repeating the week 2 program is probably a good idea too. Maybe the difference between the legs of lead and the spring loaded legs is the coach. If you have someone pushing you when training it always (actually only usually) makes you go further and faster.

belinda said...

Sticking with week 2 sounds like a really sensible idea. It's when your body is not quite ready and you don't listen that you're likely to get hurt.

Best wishes

Paola said...

Thanks for the feedback and support everybody...

Sonia said...

I'm a newbie to your blog and it's great.
I've just got back into a tiny bit of exercise myself (a complete stop after having kids). It's an effort to keep motivated but I'm going to keep going. You've done very well. Hang in there. The lead will transform into spring in no time!

Paola said...

Welcome to the blog, Sonia, and thanks for stopping to leave a comment.
Hopefully with a bit of persistence, that lead will transform!