Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Late adopter

Ever done or tried something new and wondered "why haven't I done this before?" Well, that's been my experience with my new bread maker.
How long have breadmakers been around? Twenty, maybe twenty five years? Well, call me a late adopter. My breadmaker came into my life three weeks ago, courtesy of Action Man. After reading many blogs mention their breadmakers, I'd been muttering about getting one myself, but never got around to it. Typically, Action Man made it happen, and brought me home a brand new bread maker.
What a revelation! So easy! So little time required of me! (I can get the ingredients together for a loaf of wholemeal bread in 31/2 minutes) Most importantly, such nice bread! And no preservatives.
My breadmaker has been in daily use ever since, sometimes even twice a day.
Once this baby's cost is amortised, and this shouldn't be long, I reckon I'll be saving at least $10 a week on the food bill.
A great addition to the household routine.
By the way, if you are thinking, "I thought Paola had an intolerance to wheat." Well, on that score, my stomach irritations have improved a lot over the last month or two. I try to limit wheat intake, but I haven't eradicated it. Also, one of my commenters, (I can't remember who, I'm sorry), mentioned nuts as another culprit. Well, seeing that I was eating handfuls of nuts a the time, I thought I'd cut back there too, for my stomach and my waistline's sake. And I'm much better. So I can eat some of this lovely bread. Yay!


maa said...

So glad your feeling better and I could help re. the nuts, Paola.
I love my breadmaker too and you're right about no preservatives. The smell of bread baking at home is a wonderful bonus too.

Tracy said...

I find the only problem with home made brread is that it really doesn't last very long. The tempting aroma of fresh bread makes everyone in this house come running when they hear the beep of the breadmaker finishing its cycle.

Belinda said...

That's wonderful to hear that you haven't had to drop bread entirely. Like you my body copes just fine up to a point and I just do my best to stay below that point.

Fresh bread really is an experience that can't be replicated any other way.

Kind Regards

Paola said...

Maa, thanks again for the advice on nuts. It really made a difference.
Tracy, my family hasn't cottoned on to the beeping breadmaker yet - there are so many things that beep around here, it's hard to know what's what.
Belinda, I'm very happy that I can continue to have a little bread. It would be too sad if I couldn't..

Sincerely, Emily said...

Hey Paola, I am glad you are enjoying your bread maker. I have a nice one that sits in the pantry until my step father visits - he uses it. I make no-knead bread and really like it. I bake a few loaves at a time and that lasts the 2 of use quite a while. Can't keep it on the counter though - it colds up too quickly w/o all the preservatives in it - that is ok. in the fridge it goes! Love it. So glad you are enjoying your bread maker and also glad to hear your tummy is doing better. Emily in So. Texas

Linda said...

That is wonderful, so glad you are enjoying your husband's surprise.

Paola said...

Emily, I have made a no knead bread too in the past, but I like the "set and forget" aspects of breadmakers. My kind of technology!
Linda, yes, Action MAn is full of surprises.