Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love Winter

Compared to summer, winter gets short shrift. I love it. Let me count the ways:

1. All my favourite hobbies - reading, sewing, knitting etc. - are best done in winter, preferably in front of a fire. In summer, these activities have me battling guilt. I always feel I should be outside "doing something" instead.

2. I love to cook but during summer I try to think of strategies to avoid putting on the stove and the oven, so I can keep the house cool. Winter, on the other hand, is made for cooking.

3. The foods I like to eat - soups, stews, baked pastas, curries - all taste better in winter.

4. Winter heralds a truce in the ongoing war against the dreaded fruit fly.

5. Spiders and snakes hibernate.

6. Ditto flies and mosquitoes.

7. I like dressing for winter better.

8. I sleep better.

9. The kids sleep better, going to bed at a reasonable times, instead of staying up far too late on school nights.

10. Weeds are not an issue in winter.Yay!

11. I hate exercising in the steam bath of summer. Exercise - whatever type - is far more enjoyable in winter.

12. I get to look at the lovely gordonia from my kitchen window.

So are you a winter or summer person?

NOTE: I am talking my local brand of winter here, which is relatively mild - 10 degree C is considered a cold day. I lived for a while in the UK and would not be waxing quite as lyrical about winter if I was still there...


Sincerely, Emily said...

Those are some of the same reasons I like winter too. (the "winter" I live in now.) We are in South Texas...while it does freeze at night SOMETIMES in the winter, it is nothing like the Minnesota and Wisconsin winter snow drifts I grew up in/on/around. So think of me and send some cooler breezes my way while I swelter away in the heat and humidity we are having right now. The air conditioning has been on and in full swing for over a month now and the ceiling fans are getting their summer work out. Emily

Paola said...

Emily, the climate in south Texas sounds a lot like the climate here - mild winters and hot, humid summers. From what I know of Wisconsin/Minnesota winters, mainly from reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a girl, those winters are brutal.

Linda said...

I have been trying to grow a gordonia for about 10 years, a couple of years ago my second one died. I will have to try again one day.

I have lived here 6 1/2 years, and now both winter and summer are not my favourite and the spring and autumn seem short. Both those have snakes. Luckily in town here there doesn't seem to be any around our house, but there is at the other one.

I like dressing for summer better. I like summer, but am unsure about fire season and what to do since Black Saturday.

Tracy said...

I'm a winter girl. I always find it is much easier to get warm than it is to cool down on our hot summer days. No snakes to worry about when outside is a big plus too.