Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What followed me home from Vinnies

Following last week's front cupboard clean out, I made a beeline for the local St Vincent de Paul to donate some perfectly good stuff that I'm sure someone could actually use.
Although I regularly donate stuff to charity shops (I'm not much of one to check out the shops themselves. This is mainly because (1) the goal of my life to have less, not more, stuff cluttering the place. Remember I live in a home full of hoarders, so I don't feel I need to make a contribution in this regard and (2) I never seem to see anything I would like.
But today, I deposited my donation goods, and had a quick trawl through the store. The local Vinnies is in a brand new building and it was really quite pleasant.
Out of the corner of my eye I spied the fabrics above. Orange wool plaid ($2), purple and yellow cotton jersey (and good cotton jersey, not flimsy at all - $1.50 each) and a pale yellow shirting, hopefully 100% cotton, with a subtle pattern ($1). Total = $6. Score!
I'll make a straight skirt cut on the bias with the orange wool plaid, aiming for some sort of retro look. The jersey will make some t-shirts, and the shirting I'll use to make a test of a blouse pattern I've been wanting to make, but really need to test out first before I cut into the "good" material.


Jan said...

What good finds, it always seems to be someone else and not me that finds something useful at the Op- shops..... I do look through them sometimes when we are travelling, but mostly I am taking items into the local stores, and a few times I have wanted an item a few weeks later.
Look forward to seeing the completed items.

Paola said...

Jan, this is the first time I've found anything like these things. I'll publish the results in due course.