Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoarder or chucker?

We have two cupboards next to our front door. These cupboards have in the seven years we have been in this house, become a repository for all things we don't know what else to do with. Suffice to say, they have been a bit of a mess.
For ages now, I've been meaning to clean these cupboards out. So I pulled out the contents: "dead" VCRs and an unrepairable DVD player, empty post boxes kept "just in case", a box of pamphlets from Action Man's work, baskets, a box of electrical cords of indeterminate origin, empty picture frames.
My instinct is to chuck (or donate) most of this stuff. But Action Man, who is a bit of a hoarder, will probably want to keep a lot of it.
If you had a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 was "hoarder" and 10 was "chucker", I reckon I'd be about a 7. My instinct is to get rid of things that don't have an identifiable purpose, but only after they've been hanging around for quite a while. Meanwhile, Action Man is probably about a 3, more hoarder than chucker, because you never know when you might need that gadget, widget etc.
This disparity caused a bit of debate when AM's parents were downsizing to a retirement village unit, and AM wanted to rescue all sorts of bits and pieces, while I was moaning "no more, no more!"
Meanwhile, my kids live in fear of the days when I enter their rooms with a collection of bags to sort through their stuff and "chuck" the clutter. Now they are getting older, they have more say in what they want to keep and I have a feeling they are both hoarders too.
So I am a chucker living with hoarders, trying to keep the clutter to a minimum. It's a losing battle sometimes!

So are you a chucker or a hoarder?

Thanks to all who left comments about my suspected wheat intolerance. This morning I had a piece of toast as an experiment to see how my stomach would react. Fifteen minutes later, no ill effects. Mmm interesting!


Linda said...

I am going through my 10 year old magazines. I finally can see they are too out of date to be useful. But going through each one I can see the page I kept it for, like plants with winter perfume, how to arrange furniture stuff like that. I think I will have to put the articles in a Marbig. I know I won't read the stuff in the Marbig, so go figure.

Luckily I don't really buy magazines at the moment.

libby said...

I'd say my hubby and I are pretty much the same as you and your hubby, though I do find every day I'm more and more inclined to let things go. I just started in my scrapbook room today and I'm trying to be ruthless :-).


Paola said...

Linda - yes, I have one of those Marbig folders too!
Libby - my scrapbook/sewing isn't too bad, but the cupboard where I store fabric - that's getting out of hand.

Jan said...

We are hoarders too, and I know we will never use a lot of the items filling our cupboards. Amazingly though, when I do send things to the Op-Shop, I am looking for some of them in the following weeks.

I find with wheat that it is only white items that affect me, and it shows up with fluid retention, I can weigh up to 1-1/2 kgs more than usual the next morning, wholemeal bread doesn't bother me... and I haven't run it by a dr.

Paola said...

Jan - I'm going to take some items , including some unused picture frames, to the Op Shop tomorrow. What's the bet I'll be kicking myself? said...

Previous hoarder, but now I try to bless others with what I want to keep but really shouldn't :)

Edith said...

I am a hubby is a chucker. Makes life interesting...I have downsized some but still working at it.

What is a Marbig?

Paola said...

Edith - Marbig is a brand name for filing things, boxes, folders and the like. I have a Marbig filing box into which I chuck recipes and other interesting articles.