Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gluten intolerant?

Over the last month or two I've been feeling very low in energy. At the same time I've had a "rumbling" tummy, and bloating - not too bad, certainly not debilitating, but enough to notice, you know? I ignored it. A bit of a sore tummy, so what?
But the other day I read something about gluten intolerance and put two and two together. Could I be gluten intolerant?
So for the last week I've laid off the wheat. And guess what? No grambling stomach. And I have some energy too (although this might be because my social life has quietened down a bit). Then yesterday my daughter made ginger cake and of course, I had to have a slice. I mean, one slice of cake! How much damage could that do?
Well, I found out. After 10 minutes, mild cramping that lasted all afternoon. Not too bad, but I would feel better without it.
Sheesh. I am the ultimate omnivore, I love eating everything (okay, maybe not offal, but you know what I mean. I do eat tripe though). I do not want to be gluten intolerant. I LOVE my bread and pasta. I LOVE baking. Life without wheat, not something I want to contemplate.
I have no intention of getting this confirmed by some health professional. I wouldn't be able to live in denial then!
Instead, I'll probably treat wheat with a bit of circumspection, and crack when I have to, knowing full well I'll pay for it.


Andrew said...

Hi Paola,

Although it is rather expensive you might want to try spelt. Depending on what you are intolerant to within modern wheat you may just find that you can do a swap and not have to deal with the same problems.

Spelt is an old version of wheat but many people with mild intolerance find their body handles it very well.

Kind Regards

Paola said...

Thanks for the tip on spelt. I'm sure I'll give this a try at some stage, though at the moment I'm still in the "how can this be?" stage! LOL..

belinda said...


I personally know that stage well.. and because my symptoms aren't that bad either often choose to live with them. That said I am ready to get a bit more real on this one as my level of tired seems to be indicating that I am not absorbing the nutrients I am taking in very well atm.

Kind Regards

libby said...

I recently tried going wheat and dariy free. On top of being a vegetarian it was very hard and I felt very unwell after a week so didn't continue. Not sure what it was that was missing from my diet as I thought I was eating pretty well.
There are lots of gluten free products around, though if it's only wheat and not all gluten that will make things easier for you. I did see a couple of gluten free breads so you could try those. Best of luck with it.


Paola said...

Gee Libby, wheat and dairy free and a veggo! That would be VERY hard.
I'm planning on checking out the gluten free breads on my next shop. I can't do without my vegemite on toast in the morning.

Linda said...

Maybe with intolerance if you stay off it for awhile you may get a period where everything is OK for awhile if you don't have to much. I think it builds up.

Paola said...

That's what I'm hoping too, Linda.