Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yogurt success!

Thank you to all the readers who commented on my yogurt failure post. Using your combined experience, I tweaked my method and achieved yogurt success! Evidence above, home made yogurt with stewed (home grown) rhubarb for breakfast. And it's delicious!
So for any readers who haven't gone down the home made yogurt path, here's what I did:

1. Heated 1 litre of UHT milk to 80 degrees C. Let it cool to 45 degrees C.
2. Put about 1/2 cup yogurt with live culture into a 2 litre jug, along with about 2 tablespoons of powdered milk (because I like creamy yogurt).
3. Poured the cooled milk over the yogurt and gave it a good whisk.
4. Poured the mixture into a wide-mouth vacuum flask. Put on the lid and left it for 16 hours (but this is only because I did this overnight - it could well have taken a lot less time - I don't know).
5. Voila! Yogurt!

It's nice to have a success like this, and makes me appreciate the blogging community all the more. It's great to be able to tap into the experience that's out there..

Meanwhile, tomatoes continue to roll in unabated. Today I am experimenting with oven dried tomatoes. I have a trayful of halved tomatoes that are drying at 100 degrees C for 12 hours with nothing added, and in the other oven I have another trayful that are drying at 150C for 3 hours, along with garlic, oil and salt. It will be interesting to see what differences there are.

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Linda said...

That is fantastic!

I had a similar week with some advice, I thought it was lovely! It helped my menu planning.

achan said...

Glad it worked out. I'm am going to try adding milk podwer to my yoghur to see what the difference is, thanks for the tip!

Paola said...

Achan, I've still got it in mind to try your yogurt-in-a-milk carton tip too.

achan said...

Paola-I'd like some advice!! How do you get your rhubarb to grow?
I planted a 'seedling' about 3 years ago and the stems only ever get to about 5cm in length. I thought maybe the position in the garden was wrong so I moved it-the bulb? tuber? was big but even after the move I still can't enjoy rhubarb. I don't want it to die because I don't think I'll ever find another seedling here in Japan. sun, water, compost what is the secret?

BTW I use caspian sea yoghurt as my starter culture, I have no idea if other yoghurts work or not :)

Paola said...

Achan, oh dear - I don't know if I can shed much light on growing rhubarb. Our rhubarb is in full sun, gets fed compost every so often and gets the odd watering. I do know that when I planted it, it took a long while to take off - the crowns stayed small for ages, then suddenly took off. Our climate is temperate, but I know that rhubarb can take colder temps. That's all I know about rhubarb - it's a bit of a set and forget for us her.