Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Preparing to poo on the back verandah

Chicken with no name

Milton, at left, brown instead of white from dust bath, and Scruffy Chook, eyeing off the scrap bucket
I do. Regularly.

Every afternoon about two hours before sunset (whenever that happens to be), we let out chooks and ducks out for a free range. The theory is they get out and about for a dust bath and a fossick for insects, worms etc. etc. before taking themselves back to the coop as night falls.

In practice, what happens is the chooks go for a quick dust bath, then perch on my kitchen window ledge. They flap their wings to get rid of their excess dust, and inevitably, they poo on the ledge and on the verandah outside the kitchen door. All the while, they watch my every move as I cook dinner with their beady eyes, and peck at the window if they spy something they recognise as edible. Meanwhile, the rooster takes up his position at the back door and crows his head off, so I have to shut the back door or risk going deaf.

Much as I love the chooks, I have to admit this constant supervision gives me shivers up my spine at times! The good news is that with the coming end of daylight saving, the chickens' outing time will move forward and by the time I'm cooking dinner they'll all be tucked up on their roosts.


Belinda said...

I think that would drive me slightly batty. I find it enough pressure when I have two dogs focused on my every move, if I was to add the chickens to that equation I might just loose it.

Congratulations on your yoghurt success I love it home made.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I thought I was the only one with poultry poop on the verandah. You're lucky you don't have turkeys like we do. Maybe the chooks are hoping you will give them a little tidbit while you are cooking.

SMB tech geeks said...

Don't let the chickens watch the latest "Nanny McPhee" film then (an errant birdy develops a taste for window putty...), or they'll be upping their game & coming inside to make themselves at home before you know it!

I love yoghurt & rhubarb! We've just made up a batch of lemon yoghurt, which is gorgeous with a dollop of lemon curd mixed in.

Paola said...

Boy, SMB, thanks for the tip on Nanny McPhee. Chickens in the house would be the last straw. Hmm, lemon curd with yogurt and rhubarb. I have lemons coming on at the moment and a squillion eggs - I can feel a lemon curd making session coming on.