Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dud yogurt

I've been wanting to make yogurt for ages, and after extensive recipe research on the internet and in various recipe boooks, finally got around to it yesterday. It was a complete dud. I'm not sure where I went wrong. Here is what I did:
  • Heated 1 litre of UHT full cream milk to 80 degrees C.
  • Transferred milk to a bowl to cool to 45 degrees C.
  • Put half cup of yogurt with live culture into a small jug.
  • Whisked in a couple of tablespoons of milk until smooth.
  • Added this to warm milk.
  • Put a lid on the bowl, wrapped it up in a doubled up blanket, left on a sunny bench in kitchen for 10 hours.
  • Transferred undisturbed to fridge overnight.
Milk consistency of pouring cream. Not solid at all. Sigh.
What to do now? Fresh milk? More yogurt? Different yogurt? Add milk powder? More blankets? Kitchen not warm enough (it's the warmest spot in the house)? Anyone have any ideas? I'd really like to crack this one.


Guy said...

we always just left it sitting out until it soured. Seems to me the move to the fridge was the problem. Also, homemade yogurt won't (generally) be as thick as commercial forms which often have a thickener added.

Marita said...

I make yoghurt at home all the time... and I do get the occassional dud batch (which I turn into a mango lasse)... I use the Easiyo (http://www.easiyo.com/australia/) thermos container and jar but keep my own culture of yoghurt going. I use their 1 litre container with either full cream milk or more often just over 1 cup powdered full cream milk mixed with water and I add a good couple of tablespoons of live culture. The easiyo thermos and container are good as you mix up the yoghurt to be mix at room temp then add boiling water to the container. I have been using ours twice or more weekly for the last 4 years.... and the kids love home made unflavoured yoghurt.

Most yogurts also have a little extra milk powder added on top of straight milk... so that may help to thicken your yoghurt as well.

Hope you get it worked out... we certainly like making our own yoghurt..

Andrew said...

At a guess from what you described I would say it didn't stay warm enough over the incubation period.. I would probably also let the temperature drop to 40C before adding the yoghurt just in case you are frying some of the culture types although 45 should be ok.

If it was me I would try a Thermos, preferably wide mouth, rather than a bowl to keep the temperature more stable over the incubation period.

Kind Regards

achan said...

When I make yoghurt I do it a really simple way. Initially I bought a yoghurt with the live bacteria in it. I added about 4T of the bought yoghurt to a carton of milk which had about a 1/2C of milk taken out (this just allows room for the yogurt to grow). Closed it gave it a gentle shake then left it open on the bench until it thickened. Then I put it in the fridge.

When the carton of yoghurt is nearly empty I take 4T spoonfuls out and into a new 1L of milk, and the cycle continues. Periodically I start with new bought yoghurt

The yoghurt may not work if your equipment isn't cleaned properly and so this way the only peice of equip I use is a spoon. The milk is already in a sterilised container. (Yes we still have milk cartons here!!!)

BTW Hello!!! I love reading your blog.

Paola said...

Thanks everyone for your ideas. So much yogurt knowledge out there! Stay tuned for yogurt making part 2!