Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I spend a fair bit of time obsessing over the things that go wrong in the garden: not enough rain, too much rain, mildews and fungi, pests in various guises. The truth is, though, that on balance we reap a whole lot more than lose. The above cornucopia was picked up after a quick trawl through the garden yesterday. And there is more to pick up there. And our vegie garden is only operating at about 50% capacity this year, because I've been suffering from a bout of tennis elbow which makes it difficult to dig.

Not only that but I've got three rockmelon vines that I didn't even plant going full pelt, and the tomato bush that lives in my front steps (yes, in the steps) has yielded a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes every day for the last few weeks.

To me, gardening is a paradox. It needs regular attention to get the best results, but sometimes this is not enough. Meanwhile, mother nature does her own thing in another part of the garden and does quite well without you, thank you very much. It does my head in..but in a good way!


SMB tech geeks said...

A beautiful harvest Paola - when can we come for dinner? ;0)

Linda said...

They all look very nice.

I have an award for you, which you can find here:

Sincerely, Emily said...

what a lovely pile of "goods" straight from your garden. I tend to spend to much time in the garden just looking and talking. I was just gone for 2 weeks and was amazed at how much it grew in my absence (really didn't think it could survive with out my talks!) it was quite fun to go out and pick a big bowl of mixed greens and see the cabbage leaves had tripled in size (no cabbage yet, but nice to see it is growing in the right direction!) Emily

Paola said...

SMB, any time you care to make the trip!
Thank you Linda for the award.(Blush!)
Emily - love the idea of you talking to your plants. I'm sure they appreciate it!