Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tomatoes and frogs

Every year, we plant tomatoes in the vegie patch. We love them and care for them, and valiantly try to protect them from fruit fly. Every year, though, the most productive bushes are those that self seed, sometimes in the most bizarre places.
Two reasons why this may be:
  • Self seeded plants have adapted well to local growing conditions and so flourish.
  • Self seeded tomatoes tend to be the cherry tomatoes, which don't seem to attract the dreaded fruit fly.
So, in general, we leave the self seeded tomatoes to do their thing. But even we were amazed to see this tomato bush push it's way through the crack in the concrete at the bottom of our front steps. Check it out...

Not bad, given that this bush has no obvious means of support, and receives not a scrap of attention apart from our efforts to avoid stepping on it. It makes all our fussing with our "real" tomato bushes a bit of a joke really.

So the bet it on....will the front stair bush yield at least as many tomatoes as the mollycoddled ones up the back. Both look really healthy, with lots of green tomatoes, but the front stair bush is in front, with our first tomatoes being harvested this week.
You have to love this no gardening gardening caper. It appeals to someone like me who is a bit slapdash. It works not only with tomatoes, but potatoes and this week I used a head of broccoli from a self seeded plant in a stir fry. And we have pumpkins in the compost coming on that were totally self seeded.

Man, have we had some rain around here the last 48 hours. On Thursday night we had 108mm (over 4 inches) in about 10 hours, and it is still raining.
When rain's about, the frogs are out. Look what jumped onto my leg as I was folding laundry yesterday afternoon. It sure gave me a fright...


Marc Olson said...


I have had a similar experience with self-seeded tomatoes here in Mexico. I blogged about it today, and linked to your post. It really is interesting to see how much better the self-seeded-and-ignored plants often do than those intentionally planted and carefully tended.

Marc (a follower)

Paola said...

Absolutely, Marc. I've had similar experiences with potatoes, pumpkins and broccoli too. And once you plant rocket, you have it forever.