Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hopefully we're back

Well, between the January "silly season" where nothing gets done, and incompetent techies, it has taken me until about 3 hours ago to finally get our internet connection up and running again. Heavens, what a saga! But the main thing is the blog is back, and raring to go!

Thought I'd start back on the blog with some photos taken on our camping trip to Jervis Bay in December.

Can you believe the size of this monster caterpillar? I tried to photograph it to give you a sense of perspective. It is about 15cm long and about as thick as my index finger. Hairy with multicoloured stripes it is difficult to see in this photo. Action Man found it next to the boat ramp near where we were camping. All we could say was erk...and look at it in horrified fascination!

More prettily, here is a rosella eating a rice cracker. Love rosellas, but could do without their squawking at 5.00am!


Sincerely, Emily said...

WOW - that is some caterpillar!!!

Out Back said...

CRIKEY, can't get over the size of that fat caterpillar!! What a beauty!

Have a great day,