Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Busy Sunday

It's nearly 6.00pm and here's what I've done today, so far:
1) Finished reading Po Bronson's "What Should I Do with My Life?" - fascinating, especially if you've asked this of yourself (ie just about everyone).
2) Started reading Lolo Holbein's "One Magic Square" - every gardening book is different, and you pick up something you've never read or considered before.
3) Blanched and frozen some green beans - green beans going well this year!
4) Cut up and simmered about 1 kg cherry guavas to make guava jelly - somehow the guavas have not attracted the dreaded fruit fly.
5) Cooked up a full monty breakfast - eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, toast and home made fig jam. yum.
6) Iced a "just because" cake - because you need no excuse to make a cake, do you? We'll have this after dinner tonight.
7) Made this week's "lunchbox treats"- Anzac biscuits.
8)Harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and more beans.
9)Mowed - we have a big lawn, so this took up most of the afternoon.
10) Nicked into town to buy petrol for mower - normally AM would do this, but he wasn't well today.
11)Sat down at the computer to organise paperwork for meeting with tax accountant dude this week.
12)Sat down for some internet surfing with son and daughter. Both doing "Antarctic' at school, and both need help with research and ideas with how to build a model of an Emperor penguin (daughter) or a polar tent (son).
13)Made lunch - nothing much, just warmed up some leftover lentil soup.
14) Watched the rain tumble down as a fierce thunderstorm swept through about an hour ago. You wouldn't guess anything had happened now.
15) Planted some seeds of beetroot, leek and two types of lettuce into seed trays.
I've had a great day. Hope you have too...

(I would have posted some photos, but I'm still having problems. It always goes to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" and just stops. Sigh. Another computer problem to get to the bottom of. All a bit mystifying to this non-computer geek.)


Out Back said...

Regarding your computer problems, I use Mozilla Firefox but have now changed to Google Chrome as my browser. I seem to recall having trouble with Internet Explorer loading photos on blogger.

You have been very busy for a Sunday.


Paola said...

I've got a feeling the problem was I had run out of upload space with my ISP, although I wouldn't have thought I'd uploaded all that much. If I start having probs again I'll investigate chaning my browser. Thanks for the tip!