Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Simple Christmas

NSW Christmas bush

Back in July, I wrote a post railing against the Useless Bits of Crap (UBC) that seem to accumulate in my children's bedrooms, despite my best efforts. Back then, I talked about how I was going to suggest that from this year, my extended family limit the UBC phenomenon by instituting a Kris Kringle for the children (we've been doing this among the adults for many years). Guess what? Everyone's agreed - hooray!

So instead of buying presents for my own children and seven nieces and nephews, we only have to buy for two children beside my own. Less gift buying = less stress.

Simplification has gone one step further, too. The adult Kris Kringle has been terminated. Instead, we are all going to contribute to making a donation to a charity. We just have to agree which one.

You've no idea how this has simplified things this Christmas. Instead of anxiety and stress over what to buy, there is calm. In fact, we are so calm around here, we are going on our yearly camping trip before Christmas instead of after. By the time Christmas Day rocks around, we will be well and truly relaxed.

Wishing you all a simple Christmas, in whatever guise that might take.


Linda said...

Thank you Paola, what a nice thing to wish us.

Sincerely, Emily said...

OH how exciting that everyone agreed! I think I remember they all poo poo'd you around Easter about the chocolate!?! Have a great camping trip. Enjoy! Emily

Out Back said...

I am going to suggest something like this at our Christmas gathering this year. That way we can all save money.

Thank you for this post. I will be back to see the rest of your blog soon.

Hubby suggested we have Christmas every leap year, lol.


Paola said...

Emily, it is exciting that everyone agreed..especially after I was labelled the Easter Grinch. Honestly, though, no one will miss a thing!
Thanks for dropping by Outback. I'm with your husband!