Saturday, December 26, 2009

More on coffee

First of all, I hope everyone has had a joyful Christmas. Everyone around here certainly did.

Emily left a comment and some questions on the topic of coffee that I thought I'd answer as a post.
Six years ago we planted 10 coffee bushes. Three have survived. I think the main reason is that this area is pretty marginal in terms of growing coffee. Firstly, we are basically at sea level, and I gather coffee is happiest at altitude. Second, we often have high winds (due to sea breezes). Third, I'm not sure that our climate in terms of average temperatures and rainfall is quite right.

Of the three, only one has grown to a good size of over 6 feet. The other two are about 3-4 feet each.

Yields are improving every year, but drinking 1-2 cups of coffee per day, we are way short of self sufficiency in coffee, and never will be. Given the labour intensive process needed to get the beans from the tree to the coffee pot, I don't think I want to be either.

Growing coffee is in the "fun to do" category of our garden. We may not be in the ideal position to grow coffee, but we struggle through, and enjoy what we can, when we can.


Tracy said...

Hello Paola,I would like to grow coffee but our climate is too cold so I grow loofahs as my fun to grow plant and peanuts too.

I have changed my blog address so maybe you would like to chnage it in your links.

I am just getting back online after a break and enjoyed catching up with your blog today.

Paola said...

Thanks for the message Tracy.
I'd love to give loofahs a go as well...

Sincerely, Emily said...

I am GOING to grow loofahs one of these years. I am now in a place that I have more room and a better chance of actually doing that. Emily