Friday, December 18, 2009

Coffee processing - Part 2

Finally, Part 2 of How to Process Coffee.
Right, so the coffee has been in the sun for a week or so, and the slimy outer coating has hardened, so it looks like this:

The next step requires you go into a meditation state, or at least find a not-too-engrossing movie, in order to de-husk each and every bean individually. Yes, that's right, individually. No getting around it I'm afraid without some whiz-bang commercial machine. Actually, it's kind of fun a bit like popping the bubbles on bubble wrap. (I started to watch "Rabbit-Proof Fence" and found this movie so moving I forgot about the coffee altogether. Better watch the television news or something). This is what you are left with:

The beans have a papery covering, which you can remove by putting the beans into a tea towel and rubbing the fabric together. You may have to resort to removing the papery covering on some individual beans by hand (after which time you will be an expert meditator).

Here's the payoff - beans in a frypan roasting over a medium heat. It should take about 30 minutes or so to roast.

There you have it - home grown, home roasted coffee!
Although our three bushes will probably yield about a pound of roasted beans, they make the nicest cup of coffee we have all year.
Meanwhile, I apologise for intermittent posting after making such a thing about resuming the blog a few weeks ago. I'm still having trouble with our satellite internet connection. The upshot is that I only post on the occasions when I have a signal . For example, it's taken me three attempts to make this post today, as the signal keeps dropping out.

Welcome to the new followers of the blog, and all of you who have left comments.

Now I'm off to pack for the yearly camping trip to the beach, 45 minutes drive from here, at Jervis Bay. It's cool and raining today, not exactly camping weather, after an absolute scorcher yesterday. Somewhere between the two would be great camping weather. Jervis Bay has the most beautiful beaches ON EARTH, truly. Hope to post a few pics to help me convince you (internet service willing). Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a peaceful run-up to Christmas.

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Sincerely, Emily said...

I understand the movie comment in that part of the process.I watch Rabbit Proof Fence a few months back - yes, that is one you really have to watch not listened to. I know you are not getting enough coffee beans to supply you through the year. How aggressively do the bushes grow? Will you at some point (2 yr? 5yr? 10? be possibly growing all of your own coffee? Is that the plan? Thanks for the great post. Emily in TX