Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back to bloggin'

Yes, well.

It's been a while. First it was full-time work. Then we went on holiday for three weeks. Then the computer died. When we got that fixed, the satellite connection for the internet went awry. For the last week or two, I've had no excuses, but have been debating with myself. Start blogging again or no? Part of me was glad not to have the blog demanding my time. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised I missed it. Specifically, I missed the way blogging forces you to look around you and really think about things going on in your life. So, I'm back. If you are one of the small band of readers this blog attracted, thanks for sticking around!

Truth to tell, the title of this blog has become a bit of a misnomer, especially the "spades" bit. The garden is a non starter this summer. Time has been an issue, but the main problem has been tendonitis in my left elbow (aka tennis elbow). I've been battling this for at least three months and it is taking it's time to improve, I tell you (yes, physio, I've been doing the exercises religiously!). This has made digging, lifting and weeding ie. most gardening, impossible. Meanwhile, Action Man is living up to his nickname and has taken up triathlons, and spends half of Sundays with our son playing junior golf (a sport he loves and took up before Tiger Woods visited our shores), so he has been out of action too. There is nothing growing in our veg garden except leeks and silverbeet left over from winter, and rhubarb. That's it. And doesn't our weekly shopping bill show it!

Never fear though. My enforced rest from gardening has meant that I've been busy in the sewing room. Really, this blog could be renamed "Needles and Spoons" if it didn't sound like the title of a blog dealing with nefarious activities involving illegal substances!

Over the last few weeks, I've made some knit tops, and yesterday I muslined a blouse. Last night I made a sample of a collar with a collar band for the first time, and it turned out really well. Slowly, slowly I am getting out of the realms of the beginner sewer into more complicated stuff. The me from twenty years ago would be amazed to think that I would ever get this far, and find it so satisfying, but I do. Having kids taught me patience and being in the moment, both skills I use a lot when sewing. Twenty years ago, I would never have sampled anything before making it. I had to have instant gratification. Then, if something didn't turn out well, I chucked it in a huff. Now, I have the wisdom to know that sampling new patterns and techniques is well worth the time. Still, I get wadders, which don't faze me at all. It all goes down to experience.

As for the "spoons" or cooking and eating bit of life, that never, ever stops around here!

It's nice to be back....


Linda said...

Hi. What a lovely post, and I had to laugh about the proposed title.

The sewing sounds wonderful! My daughter is wearing her dress tonight, the one she made in class. She is not sure about it, but I think it is nice.

Sincerely, Emily said...

Welcome back