Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things that go Bump

“Mum!” my son shouted. “There’s something in the bathroom! I can hear it!”
Sure enough, there was ominous bumping and thumping in the bathroom. What on earth was it?
“Have you had a look?” I asked.
“No, I’m too scared!”
Great. What could it be? A dog, a possum, a feral cat? At least it probably wasn’t a snake (I’ve had a black snake in the house before, but that’s another story). It was making too much noise for that.
I picked up the son’s tennis racket in case it was a feral cat (have you ever come across one of these? Boy, are they fierce!)
Step by step, I approached the bathroom, racket in hand, son behind me. Clatter, clatter, clatter went the noise inside.
I put my head around the door. Here is what I found:

This is Milton, our most idiosyncratic chook, who typically made the most of her opportunities when fronted with an open front door and made herself at home. Note she even laid one of her snowy white eggs for good measure.
Well we were all soon in the bathroom laughing our heads off. It was so comical to see Milton perched up on the vanity, egg beside her. Meanwhile, the look on Milton’s face was something like “And what’s so funny?”


Kel said...

ohh funny, had me n my husband hooting too. brilliant!

Paola said...

Yeah, I forgot to add she only did one poo while in the house and she thoughtfully did it on the bathroom tiles.

SMB tech geeks said...

Please extend my sympathies to your son - I was alerted to the presence of an axe-wielding ghoul in our bathroom once, which on closer examination by my Mum turned out to be a mouse in the bath...

Gorgeous chook by the way, was she admiring her reflection in the tiles?!

Paola said...

Milton is a good looking chook, and I'm sure she was checking herself out!